Ever fancied having the luxury of confidence, knowing you always look and feel your best? Well now you can.

Expand your confidence, create your personal brand
It's amazing to consider what is possible when you expand your confidence and create your personal brand.
There is a halo effect from achieving this; it’s called the ‘Cycle of Success’. It starts with looking good, which in turn increases your self esteem and confidence. Straight away the compliments come flooding in which magnifies your positive self image. Before you know it, you have improved relationships and your performance is rocketing sky high. And then just see what you’re capable of! I offer a bespoke service for women, focusing in on the things which are really important to you, at a point in time that’s right. Here’s some that might resonate….

Area Of Interest Change Point Benefit to You
Career Perhaps you’re chasing promotion, looking for a new job, recently redundant, facing a changed dress code, heading back to work or trying a new occupation? Get that job or promotion, establish authority in your existing role, adapt to change, head back to work with confidence and succeed in new environments
Relationships Perhaps you’re newly dating, engaged, or divorced, or just simply want to ‘keep the sparkle’ going? Feel a million dollars, give your confidence and self esteem a healthy boost, get that honeymoon feeling back
Family Perhaps you’re pregnant, interested in maternity fashion or maternity clothes or post baby and adjusting to a new shape and a new lifestyle? Adapt to change, understand how to feel ‘like you’ in maternity fashion, give your confidence a kick start and feel like you again, or enjoy some ‘me time’
Physical Perhaps you’ve changed weight, gone grey, suffered illness or facing menopause? Dress to the best effect for your size, brighten yourself up, feel attractive and sexy again
Lifestyle Perhaps you’re in a new country, new location, a new vocation or newly retired? Dress with confidence for new climates, social occasions or lifestyles
Fun! Perhaps it’s a girl’s night in, some hen do fun, or as a gift to someone you love? Enjoy something different, interesting and really fun too!

Here’s how
I deliver a unique combination of Image Consultancy and Performance Coaching that focuses on making the best of you. This is shaped into five easy stages which can be tailored for your individual budget and goals.

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1. Defining Your Unique selling Point USP
2. Dressing Effectively
3. Maximising First Impressions
4. The Finishing Touches
5. The Way Forward Action Plan

What if you don’t take action?
You could be left wondering, does this suit me, what really looks great on me, what is my style and wasting time and money on clothes and styles that don’t suit you. Your self esteem might sit in the doldrums and you may never achieve your dreams.

What if you do?
You could learn more about yourself, what drives and motivates you, what makes you look and feel great, your confidence could soar and you could achieve your heart’s desire!

Your Next Steps
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