“It really is incredible that when you alter the way someone looks, they suddenly discover the power within themselves”

alison harker's approach to image consultancyAbout Me
I believe that we all have the capacity to be as big and as powerful as we choose to be, you just need to have confidence in yourself and then focus on what you want to achieve. My core focus is on the individual, hence why I have shaped my business and its approach to be fluid to the needs of each client. I, like many, have had times when my confidence has hit rock bottom, struggled for hours over what to wear, or wondered whether I was making great first impressions. These experiences and my professional training, now place me in a position to help you with all your personal branding dilemmas.

My Credentials
After graduating in Retail Marketing, I worked in Retail and FMCG client side and agency marketing for ten years. I have taken this wealth of corporate experience and combined it with my skills as a trained Image Consultant and Personal Performance Coach, to work as an image coach to help my clients make a real difference to their lives.

I am a trained First Impressions image consultant and an affiliate member of the Federation of Image Consultants.

My Approach

To find out more about image coaching, how I work and my thinking, please visit My Approach