My Approach

Expanding Confidence, Creating Personal Brands.
My core belief is that we all have the power to achieve whatever we believe in, we just need to set the right goals and focus on making the best of ourselves. To help you achieve this I have developed a five stage process that helps you expand confidence and create your own personal brand. You’ll create harmony in your appearance, you’ll look and feel great, waste less time and money on clothes, your confidence will increase and you’ll set realistic goals to achieve it!

Why consider your personal brand?
I believe that in a modern world, standing out from the crowd with your own personal brand is evermore important, whether that be at work, in relationships or just amongst your peers. We all form opinions very quickly and often refer to our ‘gut feeling’ about people. In fact these feelings are triggered by the verbal and non verbal communication we pick up. With only 7% of what we actually say influencing those opinions, how we present ourselves is key. The work of style experts such as as Trinny and Susannah and their show what not to wear are also making people more aware that they can influence how other perceive us. I believe that your personal brand is made up of five key pieces and it’s the interaction of these pieces that influence the confidence and success you generate.

Parts of your Personal Brand The Positive Influences On You
USP (Unique Selling Point) The engine in your brand! Your skills, strengths, values and beliefs. It’s what makes you stand out from the crowd and gives you drive.
Appearance The colours, clothes and styles you wear will all impact. Dressing effectively will always have an influence on those around you.
Grooming Good attention to detail will impact on the impressions you make. To coin a phrase, first impressions really do count.
Congruence A consistent message across all parts of your brand will project integrity, and this is the corner stone of successful communication.
Focus The plans you make and how you put them into action will influence those around you.

Creating Your Personal Brand
I merge best practice from Image Consultancy and Performance Life Coaching to deliver you a unique package. I have designed five easy stages, allowing you to move through them and create your own personal brand.

Creating that brand isn’t just about addressing the ‘outer image’ that you see or just as simple as what not to wear. It’s also about addressing the hidden ‘inner image’ that you don’t see. The inner personal image is made up of the thoughts and beliefs that control the way you think and behave e.g. my upper chest is too heavy, so I can’t wear tight fitting tops, my bum is too big, so I can’t wear trousers etc. These thoughts are often patterns that you, or others, have created in your head and now control the way you think and behave. More often than not, they also limit the way you think about yourself, and the way others see you. If your outer and inner images are out of balance, then it’s likely you will be feeling a little negative about yourself and you maybe lacking in confidence. The great news is that this can be resolved and together we can create a new you. Here’s how.

The Stage What Happens Results for You
1. Define Your USP I spend more time upfront really getting to know you, we’ll get you to take a fresh and positive look at yourself, to really understand your values, your beliefs, your goals, your lifestyle, your personality, what makes you uniquely you. Understand your driving force, get clear on what motivates you and makes you tick, enjoy confidence, play to your key strengths
2. Dressing Effectively I complete a full colour and style analysis to ensure that you are maximising your impact and creating a look that generates harmony between you, the colours and clothes you choose to wear. You’ll look and feel great, compliments will flood in, your confidence will increase, you’ll waste less time and money on shopping and clothes
3. Maximising your 'First Impressions' I spend time advising you on grooming, cosmetics, non verbal communication and tips for ultimate confidence and success. Maximise your success by always making fantastic first impressions
4. The Finsihing Touches To bring it alive I also offer personal shopping, wardrobe management and bespoke performance coaching. Plus, and to ensure you always deliver a congruent approach, I also work with a number of well respected practitioners who can offer you additional services such as hairdressing, tailoring, life balancing, nutrition and personal fitness. Shop confidently, de-junk your wardrobe, set goals, turn dreams into reality, eradicate limiting beliefs
5. The Way Forward Action Plan At the end of each session I provide you with a personal brand action plan that adds real value and allows you to go away and put all you’ve learnt into action. Put all your plans into action, make the changes you really want and achieve the confidence and success you really desire

I offer you a bespoke service and can tailor each of these five stages for both your budget and individual goals. We work with both men and women, and deliver both one on one and group sessions within the corporate environment.

What’s next?
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